Manufacturing | denim colourchem (p) limited

Our production systems are closely monitored to maintain quality control at every stage of manufacturing. The equipments calibration is done regularly and periodic internal audits are undertaken to ensure highest standards. Our annual manufacturing capacity is 2500 tonnes, which enables us to meet large scale demands from our customers regularly.

We have cutting edge manufacturing technology, which includes ultra-filtration; reverse osmosis and micro-filtration. We use Spray Drying and Tray Drying technology to ensure faster production with efficient systems. Our processes have been developed after intense research and development for using innovative methodologies to create cost-effective, time efficient and high quality products. Every batch undergoes stringent quality check and labelling by which we monitor them and ensure batch traceability. Our manufacturing processes have evolved to the point where we can now ensure flexibility in production management to respond immediately to specific customer needs. Our products are offered with different packing options in -

  1. 1 Kg Jars
  2. 5 Kg Jars
  3. 25 Kg Carton Box
  4. 25 Kg Paper Bags with plastic lining
  5. 25 Kg HDPE Drums
  6. Custom packing options available based on customer request

The packaging ensures easy flow of material on use. All the processes are followed in diligence to the ISO standards for optimum results in terms of quality and production. We hold the ISO 9001:2008 certificate to attest that we follow international best practices in manufacturing and supplying food colours at our plants.